Ladders are essential tools that provide a stable and safe platform, enabling you to easily reach heights in your home. BonKaso, offers high-quality, innovative ladders that are both functional and user-friendly.


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BonKaso Premium Alloy Steel Heavy Duty Multipurpose Foldable 5 Step Ladder with Connecting Frame & Belt Support for Home and Outdoor - (Matte Black & White)

Rs. 8,999.00Rs. 3,499.00
Sturdy and Durable: Equipped with a high-grade rectangular frame including a panel & belt support, anti-slip & wide step & anti-skid PVC feet that improve strength and balance. Strong Construction:...

BonKaso Premium Steel Multipurpose Climb Easy Anti-Slip 5-Step Foldable Ladder with Safety Clutch Lock, Support Handle And Tool Tray for Home - (Orange & Black)

Rs. 4,999.00Rs. 3,299.00
Rust Resistant Material: Coated with rust-resistant alloy steel, the ladder comes with a weight-bearing capacity of up to 150 kg and ensures great durability. Wide Steps: The ladder incorporates extra-wide...

BonKaso 5 step Foldable Aluminum Ladder for Home with Anti Skid Feet, Heavy Platform and Five Year Warranty (BFSL)

Rs. 7,499.00Rs. 3,799.00
Rust Resistant: The ladder comes with 8+ rust rating and assures to be corrosion and rust-resistant for 2 years.  Weight capacity: It has an impressive weight-bearing capacity of up to...

BonKaso Step Foldable Steel Aluminum (Hybrid) Ladder for Home with Anti-Skid Feet, Anti Slip Steps and Five-Year Warranty ORANGE

Rs. 6,999.00Rs. 3,699.00
Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality steel and aluminum, it ensures long-lasting durability and reliable performance for all your home needs. Corrosion Resistant: The ladder's materials and finish are designed to withstand...

BonKaso Climb Master 5-Step Foldable Heavy Duty Ladder for Home, Indoor and Outdoor Purpose with Anti-Slip and Advanced Locking System - (Black & Orange)

Rs. 6,999.00Rs. 3,899.00
Heavy-Duty Material: Made with heavy-duty alloy steel, the ladder comes with a weight-bearing capacity of up to 150 kg and ensures great durability. Scratch Resistant: The surface is smooth, and...

What are the different Types of BonKaso Ladders

BonKaso presents a complete range of office and home ladders in various sizes. These include:

  • Aluminium Ladder

Aluminum ladders are lightweight and rust-free, featuring firm hinges for optimum support. BonKaso aluminium ladders come with anti-skid PVC feet and edge guards to provide maximum stability to the users. Their large rectangular platforms allow you to stand with comfort, ensuring a safe experience.

  • Steel Ladders

Ideal for home and industrial use, these feature a powder-coated frame designed from thick steel pipes. The steps are wide and feature a serrated design that gives them an anti-slip quality. BonKaso steel ladders have a weight-bearing capacity of up to 150kg and are ideal for heavy-duty work. Additionally, the PVC shoes of the ladder prevent it from slipping on the floor, improving its safety.

  • Hybrid Ladders

Hybrid ladders feature a mix of different materials to combine their functionalities for optimum use. BonKaso has a range of hybrid ladders, which are a mix of aluminium and steel. These come with a two-point locking system, which ensures enhanced stability and reduces the risk of slips and falls. Designed with an anti-skid grip, these also promise additional safety for the user.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Ladder

Here are some factors that you should keep in mind when buying ladders. 

  • Strong and Sturdy

When buying a ladder, you should ensure that it is strong and can hold your weight. BonKaso ladders are designed from premium-quality metals that give them a strong build. It has a stable base with anti-slip legs, making it suitable for all types of jobs, including the ones that require the use of heavy tools. 

  • Safe for Independent use

When choosing a ladder online, you should always look for one that you can use independently without needing to call for any assistance. Ensure the ladder has rubber grip steps for safety and the grip height of the ladder is at the knee level. A BonKaso ladder with its safety lock, anti-skid feet, and tool holding tray allows you to work independently. 

  • Different heights

An office or house ladder should be high enough to help you reach the spaces that you are aiming for. Thus, when buying a ladder, contemplate the different heights to choose an ideal one. BonKaso has a wide variety of ladders that can help you reach different heights. It ranges from 4-step ladders and goes on up to 7-step ladders. 

Safety Tips to Use a Ladder

Here are some safety tips for effective usage of the ladder. 

  • Check the ladder to ensure that the steps are wide enough and the grips are in good condition. 
  • Make sure that the locking mechanism is in place before ascending the ladder. 
  • Always place your feet in the middle of the step and hold the rails while climbing up and down. 

How to find Ideal Step Size for Home Ladders 

The ladders for homes are usually used to change bulbs, hang artefacts, store away things, or for minor repair work. So, along with being sturdy, they should also have wide rectangular steps that can accommodate your feet comfortably. An anti-slip design is an added bonus. As for the number of steps in a house ladder, this depends on how you plan to use it.

Shop for Ladders on BonKaso

BonKaso is the perfect place when shopping for ladders online. They have different options when it comes to the number of steps. Also, each ladder is designed with extra-safety features like anti-skid feet, extra-wide slip-proof steps, and a reliable clutch lock design. Also, the ladders are easy to hold and store and are available at the best prices.


1. Can BonKaso ladders handle excessive weight?

Absolutely! BonKaso ladders have been designed with high-quality materials and feature a sturdy frame. These can bear a weight of up to 150 kg.

2. Can I carry a BonKaso ladder without help?

Yes, BonKaso ladders are lightweight and can be easily carried by one person. 

3. Are BonKaso ladders ideal for home use?

Yes, with their lightweight, foldable design and safety features, BonKaso ladders are ideal for homes. 

4. Which materials are used in BonKaso ladders?

Ladders on BonKaso are available in steel, aluminium, and alloy steel. You can also find hybrid ladders, i.e., steel-aluminum ladders, on the platform.